SBDR - Society for Biomedical Diabetes Research

The SBDR is an international scientific society dedicated to the advancement of biomedical research to afford the remission of diabetes and improvement of patients' healthcare. The Society is committed to finding a treatment for this widespread disease that allows to cure the disease rather than to mitigate the symptoms. To this end, the Society's focus is on three major subject areas:  
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  Encapsulated islets overcome immune rejection
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Tackling autoimmunity for the treatment of diabetes
Islet transplantation practicable alternative
Enzyme development for human islet isolation
Ketoacidosis can occur during euglygemia
  • Clarification of diabetes etiology and pathogenesis
  • Re-establishing immune tolerance and insulin secretory function
  • Definition of optimal treatment and patients' healthcare in different disease categories (type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, etc.)

The Review of Diabetic Studies is the Society's journal publishing peer-reviewed and selected research data from leading scientists. More about the journal's aims, publication principles and subscription fees can be found here.

To improve the spread of knowledge and to increase the transparency of diabetes-related research findings the SBDR supports the Diabetes Open Directory (DOD) - a global open directory project. The DOD is a growing web which serves the free spread of information and unrestricted transfer of diabetes-related knowledge. Learn more about the DOD here.

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